Getting started with SIEM

We do Independent SIEM testing on live production environments, and make the results freely available to all as a public good. Getting started with SIEM can be tough, but making information about the different solutions public, might save IT-staff valuable time and money in implementation of a better IT-security.

We are not funded or sponsored by any SIEM solution provider. hovever – we do have adds on the website to pay for hosting. Most adds are from Google Adsense, so we dont control the content of the adds. We know this could potentially be a security and credability problem, but someone need to pay for the hosting 🙂

What solution best fits your needs?

When Log Management is not enough, a SIEM solution might be the next step for better IT security and compliance. The different products listed here, will help you deside what solution best fits your needs.

The market for these products are still young, compared to traditional log management. Keeping in mind the market isent mature yet, it can result in TCO skyrocketing when scaling up the implementation or your IT environment.

Log Management

Easy way to start, is by event and syslog management. Most network devices and operating systems have the native feature of logging system event.

SIEM solutions

Log everything that happens, and apply intelligence to generate reports and compliance. The ability to automate actions based on log event.

What more do you need?

Make sure you have thought of vulnerability scanning, web application firewall and product life cycle management